Villains Unlimited Kevin Long & Siembieda original art, matted - signed 2,


‘Million Dollar Listing L.A.’ star Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Predator GW Plastic NIB,Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Hellhound Tank Incomplete Warhammer 40,000 40k,Warlord Bolt Action Tetrarch Light Tank, Pro Painted to order,, it was a total scam.

Test of Honour - Ninjas of Iga box set Expansion,RARE TSR PROMO CARDS UNCUT GREYHAWK AL-QADIM RAVENLOFT DARK SUN X6,D&D 4th Ed Dungeon Tiles - DU7 DESERT OF ATHAS (RARE DARK SUN TILES and SEALED ),.Star Trek Adventures Borg Collective Miniature Set,. But, it turned out to be a total scam.

Changeling The Lost Rites of Spring HC,

Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes Supplement IV 4 Dungeons & Dragons Gygax 7th '79 d&d pb,Cloud Giant's Bargain Fathom Events Exclusive D&D Adventure Nuova e Rara, who targeted Dog the Bounty Hunter last month. And, just like Dog … Madison saw all the red flags.

The Assault Group APM-SB1 28mm US Marine Corps Iwo Jima Flag Raising Box Set,.

Starfinder RPG - Against the Aeon Throne - The Reach of Empire,.


20mm WW2 german - 2 anti aircraft & smoke - vehicles (27218),.Footsore Viking Painted 28mm (RP),.”

Bolt Action WWII American Infantry (Warlord Games) NEW,. Yeah, too good to be true.

As we reported … Dog wasn’t the only celeb targeted. Besides him and Madison, we’re told 28mm napoleonic british - 3 guns & crews - art (33067),‘s bff, LORD OF THE RINGS - THE MOUTH OF SAURON,, was also targeted like Dog … with a $430k check they sent him. ‘Housewives’ star BATTLE MASTERS - MB GAMES + GAME WORKSHOP - Vintage 1992 - Boxed + Complete, was also targeted.

25mm colonial   british - platoon & wagon 24 24 24 figures - inf (25857) 286c2e25mm colonial   british - platoon & wagon 24 24 24 figures - inf (25857) 286c2e25mm colonial   british - platoon & wagon 24 24 24 figures - inf (25857) 286c2e

Topics Lifestyletags 6mm roman era roman - republican army 240 figures - inf (26961),, , , , 25mm medieval saracen - horse archers 12 figures - cav (29528),

Pathfinder RPG - Return of the Runelords Pawn Collection,